Friday, February 25, 2011

Music of the Late

Just some music that I've been listening to lately. It's pretty rad. I love finding random songs on Youtube.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Does anyone else here have extremely vivid daydreams?

When I was little I would get up in the middle of class and act out my daydream.

Like for example, if I was daydreaming suddenly a ton of ninjas came into my spelling class and I had to fight them off, I'd get up off my chair and leap like halfway across the room before realizing I'm still in class and ninjas don't exist.

It still happens to me now too, only I don't get up and start acting out Bruce Lee movies. What happens to me now is that I'll daydream something, eyes opened or close, and something in the daydream will happen where I'm forced to move rapidly or react and it'll happen irl without my control.

Like, if I'm dreaming I'm playing football and someone throws me the ball, my hands will shoot up and try to defend myself; or if I'm running through some woods and trip, even if I'm sitting in a desk or couch or whatever, I'll twitch hard and make the kind of movement I'd do if I was trying to keep myself from tripping.

I've met lots of people, online and irl that have vivid and long ass dreams like I do, and I've even met people irl that when they wake up in the middle of the night, sometimes the dream goes on for a bit while they're up, like me.

But I've never met anyone with daydreams like me, mainly because I never spoke of it, except with the occasional girlfriend who uses it to make fun of me.

Can anyone relate?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Zombie dreams

Within the past few months, I have had recurring dreams that the undead are coming after me. Sometimes it's in my own house. For example, I was with a group of people (You know, the random people that you get stuck with..cliche during the movies..some chick, a badass, a black dude, a priest, etc.) And I was in my house, I was talking to the priest (who looked like the pope) and I realized he was some sort of sentient zombie, he simply ate his clerics to stay sane or something. He ordered that I go somewhere (basically to die and be eaten by him) and I said no way and ran outside. I talked to the black guy..but his eyes kept moving and he was sweating a lot. I decided he was turning so I hacked his head off, left it by the back porch. Said to myself "His kids are gonna freak when they see their dad's head there, but oh well."

Then I went to the toilet and took a piss, something said in a deep disembodied voice "Look in the Bowl" and my piss turned to blood. Something appeared in the bowl, a shapeless blob of a creature. When it looked at me I got major vertigo and almost fell over, I felt seriously woozy and I woke up feeling the same way, thinking a zombie was going to run up the stairs to my room and attack me.

So anyway, that's just one of many. I'm getting paranoid about some zombie apocalypse, and I haven't even been watching stuff about zombies, save one episode of that new AMC series.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Found this in my old notebook.

2012 dream or something

Tonight sometime around midnight I had an intense dream. I can't remember the following event's in the dream except the last 30 seconds or so.Anyway, I am standing inside some building, there's a plenty of people around me, looks like a bar or pub, something like that. So I'm just standing around being completely causal, then suddenly the building starts to shake, it's getting more and more violent and I start thinking to myself it's an earthquake, but then it's get more more intense and it's like the very fabric of reality is being torn apart. At this part I start realizing that this is some massive cataclysm and I'm about to die. I tell myself, OK this is what you've been waiting for and get ready to die no matter what happens to me.

Seconds later everything around me just dissolves and I get pulled up into this white bright light, and I just go "oh, death isn't that bad", then I wake up sweating like hell.

Anyway, I wouldn't really pay particular attention to this, but I read some comments in an online newspaper this morning and there's this guy that says it's exactly 2 years til the end of the Mayan calender. Now I don't really believe in the 2012 prophecies, and I haven't been thinking about it in a long time, I didn't even know it was the 21 December til I read the date after reading the comment, so I'm sure my dream wasn't influenced by anything I've been thinking about recently.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Dat Sun

Been drawing this over the past week when I was bored.

No, I'm not high.

The PoPo

I had a dream that me and my girlfriend were police officers. We were walking the beat on a corner close to where my parents live. Suddenly a black SUV pulls up, the driver rolls down the window and blasts a shotgun at us. Some of the shot grazes my gf and we begin to return fire. I try to get around the car to get a better shot at him but one of my bullets goes through the car and hits my gf in the abdomen. Paramedics and other police officers arrive and tell me that she will not make it to the hospital, she says she just wants to die there. We sit there for a while and eventually the bullet hole starts to heal and she seems alright. The other police officers that show up seem to be wearing less realistic uniforms as we are. Pretty strange dream.